Working with Structured Text

When it comes to PLC programming and the different languages that it has there as several that are truly easy to see and use, however, structure text is not one of them. Unlike standard ladder logic which you can see the bit come on and off, structure text is not like that what s ever. It is basically like writing a script text in C++ or in java or such.

Even if you were to get RSLogix 5000 Structured text training from somewhere it can make it difficult to learn if you are a beginner, I will say that there are places that are helpful in aiding in free resources to give a good understanding. They’re not always just through Rockwell Automation classes but with the growth of social media and the likes of YouTube, it makes it so much easier to get a base understanding of programming if you apply yourself.

Just a few quick tips

As you start to learn how to program in structured text, you will find yourself asking “what is a good way to watch the values?” But no worries, a quick tip for you is the watch function in the top left corner of the software that has a drop down to view the code and its values live. This screen will pop up under the structured text code that you have open at the time. If no code is open then the screen is not a recommended source due to it only helping out on the structured text routines.

Passing the knowledge is the key to helping each other grow, you might not think there is someone out there willing to help but there is, as I said, it is just a matter of you looking in the right spots.

Can anyone learn structured text

When it comes to programming structured text, it really depends on where you are starting from. I know for some people that already know pseudo code then it can be a bit easier to learn because that teaches you how to think logically and that is really the first step in any programming. If you do not have any experience in programming structured text or any programming language then it can be a bit trying to learn but let face facts, you have to start somewhere and someday so why not now?

This is just a short rant about the structured text but hopefully, you found it helpful. I will be adding more to this as time allows and the situation is in need. Of course, this site is intended to give you a quick reference on where to turn for information and at the same time dropping little tidbits of information to help out in the short term.

Having assistance in all the programming needs to that come up can be a great aid in areas that in my experience just seem to be avoided most of the time, thanks for stopping in.